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Don’t be afraid to give up the good and go for the GREAT!

Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, oh my gosh… everywhere! Why or why do they make it look so easy?

My dream had always been to own a salon. There was a darling green house that was located right off the main drag in East Grand Rapids-The Coiffeteria Salon. I heard through one of my besties that the owners were looking to sell. This was so incredibly timely and had been a needed answer to prayer. At the time, my career with Aveda took me on the road and away from the 3 most important peeps in my life- my hubby and 2 kiddos.

I went into salon ownership, like “WHOHOO”…Wish that had worked the way I had expected. Change is hard for people, and I found that to be particularly true when it came to trying to manage the old, while creating the new. I had the business acumen and the street cred at Aveda, but when it came to my new team…not so much. I tried to implement the Aveda business model that I was so aligned with, but for someone who wants to be liked, it wasn’t fun or easy. For anyone-coiffteam included.

Over the years, I began to realize that my own insecurities led to my wishy washy-ness. I had been confident and secure in my role at Aveda and the direction I gave on behalf of them. This was all new to me! I made changes to the Coiff…some well received and others not as much.

11 years have passed, and now it’s time to reinvent again. This time, I am healthy-physically, mentally and spiritually, where as before I couldn’t say that. I had been trying to please everyone… which lead to not peasing anyone. I began to really ask myself- what is MY vision. What do I want the salon to look like, and feel like for my team and guests. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am colorful, loud, sparkly and a bit quirky. HOWEVER….I also am sophisticated, and chic, if I do say so myself ;-). I want the salon to have that same sass, with a huge helping of class!
I thought-how hard could this be? I know exactly what I what to do for the first time EVER! Every possible hiccup, setback and road block I assure you, I have encountered. There were times where I thought-SERIOUSLY? There has been rezoning challenges, grumpy neighbors, tons of delays- and this is the best one- NO ONE TO DO THE JOB! It was enough to drive any sane person CRAZY! Fortunately, I have the BEST team ever-they kept encouraging me to keep moving forward, no matter how slow the pace.

Listen, I use the analogy of running because its so fitting-this is a flipping marathon.Although I hate running, I do it- the feeling at the finish line trumps it ALL! Tonight I sit here, the night before it all begins-ready to share my journey with you.

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Spring Trend Photoshoot 2017

This March, our team at Coiffeteria Salon put together three looks that showcase some fun ways to change up your look for spring!

We had a great time expanding our creativity and stretching ourselves to create new looks for three of our own. Corina, Kali, and Cahara were our beautiful models for the day.

For Corina’s hair, Melissa brightened up her locks using a new technique called foilayage. This technique blends balayage ( hair painting) with traditional foiling for a seamless transitional brightness all over the head. She then styled Corina’s hair using Corina’s natural wave. After diffusing Corina’s hair, she used a small curling iron to add a few curls and smooth some that were a little too crazy.

Cahara wanted to be lighter and brighter, so Demi added to her existing highlights and toned everything down to a cool blonde. Demi used a diffuser to dry Cahara’s natural curls and back combed everything to add loads of volume.

Kali also wanted to be brightened up, so Mackenzie did a retouch to add volume and depth at the roots, then did a ton of foiling using a back combing technique to blend the highlights. Lori gave her an amazing long bob or “lob” haircut with lots of texture and layers. She then styled Kali with bouncy, loose, wavy curls to accent the color and cut.

Julie used Aveda makeup to brighten everyone’s skin. She added pops of coral, pink, and grey to accent the eyes and lips and used a soft liner to really draw attention to the eyes. These girls were glowing by the time she was done with them!

We hope your are as inspired as we are to change up your look! Call us at 616.459.4884 to book your spring makeover today!

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Winter Trends Photoshoot

This Fall, we had the amazing opportunity to partner with two local bloggers, Sara Visser of The GR Guide and Jill GG from Good Life (for less). We had a great afternoon updating their hair color and cuts, and talking makeup and fashion.

For Sara (The GR Guide), our stylist updated her highlights with a soft, face framing balayage. She used a large-barrel curling iron to style Sara’s hair into loose waves and tried out the half-top-knot trend. It turned out beautifully!

After shampooing with Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner, Melissa towel-dried Sara’s hair and sprayed Pure Abundance Style Prep near her crown and all through her hair to add volume and protect it from heat. Then she “rough-dried” her hair with a blow-dryer and her hands until it was about 80% dry. Then she clipped up her hair in several sections and used a round-brush to completely dry the hair while smoothing and adding volume.

After it was dry, she used Pure Abundance Hair Potion to add a little more volume and created the cute little top-knot by backcombing, twisting, and securing with a hair tie and bobby pins. Then she finished the look by curling the remaining ends with a 1 1/4″ curling iron and spraying everything with Air Control Hairspray.

Another stylist, Lori, did on-trend makeup for both Sara and Jill. She used Aveda’s Foklor collection to give Sara a smokey eye and Jill a popping red lip.

Lori used the lip liner first, before applying the lip color, so that the color wouldn’t feather out. She used the eye definer (liner) on the upper lids near the lash line before using several eye colors to smudge, blend, and transform Jill and Sara’s eyes to perfection.

Mackenzie matched up Jill’s (Good Life (for less)) hair for a perfect retouch of her color and styled her with a middle part and big, soft waves. Jill hadn’t tried the middle part trend before and absolutely loved it!

Mackenzie smoothed Confixor Liquid Gel on Jill’s wet hair close to the crown area for volume and hold, and Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair on her wet ends for protection from heat. She blow-dried Jill’s hair until it was 80% dry and then used a round brush on individual sections to smooth and add volume. Then Mackenzie used a 1 1/4″ curling iron to create loose waves. She used Air Control Hairspray to keep everything in place.

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Yoga for the Earth

This past weekend was full of fun! We started out Friday night at Seva Yoga in East Grand Rapids for a yoga flow class led by Melissa Tungl. We had our earth-month candles for sale along with some cash-and-carry makeup and goodies (we still have these for sale at the salon!), Nicole set up a trunk show of Stella and Dot accessories and donated ALL of her proceeds to our cause (The Alliance for the Great Lakes), and Seva generously donated a percentage of their merchandise sales and all of the class donations to The Alliance for the Great Lakes! Thank you, Seva and Nicole!!

On Sunday, we headed over to Lululemon Athletica, where Stacy taught a donation-based yoga class. Our fearless leader, Marielle, gave a short talk about the importance of the Alliance for the Great Lakes at both yoga events. After yoga at Lululemon, their next-door neighbors, Evereve, donated a portion of their sales to our cause. Thank you Stacy, Lululemon, and Evereve!

All together, we were able to raise $904 this weekend for the Alliance for the Great Lakes! We are still collecting donations and pledges through the end of this month to reach our goal, so stop in our salon if you can help out.

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Earth Month Shenanigans

Here at Coiffeteria, we love to give. We give to our guests every day and we also like to give back to our community. Our favorite way to give back is during Earth Month.

We do this because it fits with our mission as an Aveda salon:


All that said, we have some wonderful things going on this month to raise funds for the Alliance for the Great Lakes. This organization’s mission is to conserve and restore the Great Lakes, the world’s largest freshwater resource. We use the water from the Great Lakes every day, which is why this cause is so important to us.

Here are some of the ways you can help us give back:

Flower Crowns (on-going): These are hand-made by our very own stylist, Lori and we are asking a $10+ cash donation, all of which goes to the Alliance for the Great Lakes

Silent Auction (on-going): Several of our staff have created gift baskets full of their favorite products and
services. You can bid on these at the salon through the whole month.

Aveda Light the Way Candles (on-going): One $12 candle will bring clean water to a family of six for six months in
India through Global Greengrants Fund. The candle has a sweet, spicy scent this year with organic ginger and
ginger lily from India. Mmmmm…

Yoga for the Earth at Seva Yoga in Gaslight Village (Friday, April 22 @5:30pm): Donation yoga class with sipping
and shopping before and after. All class proceeds and a percentage of sales will go to the Alliance for the Great

Sunday Social with Stacy at Lululemon Grand Rapids (Sunday, April 24 @11am): Donation yoga class including a short
session on water sustainability with our very own Marielle Shuster!

The Walk for Water (Sunday, May 15 @ 11am): This 4 mile walk around East Grand Rapids is a great way to raise
awareness and funds for the Alliance for the Great Lakes. If you are unable to attend this event, you can make a
pledge for any amount with our receptionists. These donations are tax-deductable.

Wow- we sure have a lot going on in the next few months. We hope you can help us help others by giving to one of these causes or attending an event with us!

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