This Fall, we had the amazing opportunity to partner with two local bloggers, Sara Visser of The GR Guide and Jill GG from Good Life (for less). We had a great afternoon updating their hair color and cuts, and talking makeup and fashion.

For Sara (The GR Guide), our stylist updated her highlights with a soft, face framing balayage. She used a large-barrel curling iron to style Sara’s hair into loose waves and tried out the half-top-knot trend. It turned out beautifully!

After shampooing with Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner, Melissa towel-dried Sara’s hair and sprayed Pure Abundance Style Prep near her crown and all through her hair to add volume and protect it from heat. Then she “rough-dried” her hair with a blow-dryer and her hands until it was about 80% dry. Then she clipped up her hair in several sections and used a round-brush to completely dry the hair while smoothing and adding volume.

After it was dry, she used Pure Abundance Hair Potion to add a little more volume and created the cute little top-knot by backcombing, twisting, and securing with a hair tie and bobby pins. Then she finished the look by curling the remaining ends with a 1 1/4″ curling iron and spraying everything with Air Control Hairspray.

Another stylist, Lori, did on-trend makeup for both Sara and Jill. She used Aveda’s Foklor collection to give Sara a smokey eye and Jill a popping red lip.

Lori used the lip liner first, before applying the lip color, so that the color wouldn’t feather out. She used the eye definer (liner) on the upper lids near the lash line before using several eye colors to smudge, blend, and transform Jill and Sara’s eyes to perfection.

Mackenzie matched up Jill’s (Good Life (for less)) hair for a perfect retouch of her color and styled her with a middle part and big, soft waves. Jill hadn’t tried the middle part trend before and absolutely loved it!

Mackenzie smoothed Confixor Liquid Gel on Jill’s wet hair close to the crown area for volume and hold, and Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair on her wet ends for protection from heat. She blow-dried Jill’s hair until it was 80% dry and then used a round brush on individual sections to smooth and add volume. Then Mackenzie used a 1 1/4″ curling iron to create loose waves. She used Air Control Hairspray to keep everything in place.