Curious about this new coloring craze that you can’t pronounce? I’m here to give you the deets.

Pronunciation: Bah-lee-yahge. Say it with me: Bah-lee-yahge.

Definition: A french word meaning “to sweep”. It is also a confusing math term. We’re talking about hair though, not math. Ew.

Connotation: Free-hand hair painting for an extremely blended look. This technique can be used to create many different looks, ranging from extreme to natural-looking sun-kissed.

Pricing: At Coiffeteria, our balayage pricing is very dependent on what you’re looking for and how your hair will respond to lightener. Call us to start your consultation today!

Generally speaking, if you go lighter, your hair will most likely require a toner, glaze, or finisher. All three of those processes have a similar outcome, and your stylist will decide which option would be best for you. This means that we will shampoo the lightener off and put a demi or semi- permanent color on your hair for 5-20 min to change the tone, even things out, add shine, and condition the hair. We will then use a pH balancing conditioner. Our “Blonde Finisher” semi-permanent colors are a stylist favorite for balayage toning.

Maintenance: Balayage is great for someone who wants a color that will be beautiful for a few months, and your stylist will recommend an exact return time for your specific situation. You can expect to need a touch-up in 8-12 weeks. If you also require new-growth (root) coverage, you will need to touch those up in your normal time frame. You can retouch your new-growth without affecting the balayaged ends of your hair.

The main thing to note with balayage is that everyone has a different texture, density, and thickness of hair, and everyone is looking for different coverage, tones, and amounts of color.

We strongly encourage you to find an image of a color you like and come in for a free 15-minute consultation with your stylist, in which you will decide on a plan and a price for the style of balayage you’re wanting. Call Coiffeteria today to set up your consultation! 616-459-4884