This March, our team at Coiffeteria Salon put together three looks that showcase some fun ways to change up your look for spring!

We had a great time expanding our creativity and stretching ourselves to create new looks for three of our own. Corina, Kali, and Cahara were our beautiful models for the day.

For Corina’s hair, Melissa brightened up her locks using a new technique called foilayage. This technique blends balayage ( hair painting) with traditional foiling for a seamless transitional brightness all over the head. She then styled Corina’s hair using Corina’s natural wave. After diffusing Corina’s hair, she used a small curling iron to add a few curls and smooth some that were a little too crazy.

Cahara wanted to be lighter and brighter, so Demi added to her existing highlights and toned everything down to a cool blonde. Demi used a diffuser to dry Cahara’s natural curls and back combed everything to add loads of volume.

Kali also wanted to be brightened up, so Mackenzie did a retouch to add volume and depth at the roots, then did a ton of foiling using a back combing technique to blend the highlights. Lori gave her an amazing long bob or “lob” haircut with lots of texture and layers. She then styled Kali with bouncy, loose, wavy curls to accent the color and cut.

Julie used Aveda makeup to brighten everyone’s skin. She added pops of coral, pink, and grey to accent the eyes and lips and used a soft liner to really draw attention to the eyes. These girls were glowing by the time she was done with them!

We hope your are as inspired as we are to change up your look! Call us at 616.459.4884 to book your spring makeover today!