We are so excited to introduce the spring makeup collection from Aveda: Solstice Bloom!!

This collection includes four eyeshadow colors: Sun Pebble, Elderberry, Rare Lily, and Night Silk. Aveda is right on-trend with three of the shades in a matte finish. (Sun Pebble, Rare Lily, Night Silk).  We are so so so so SO SO SO SO EXCITED to introduce a beautiful highlighter: Seychelles Sand. Golly, it’s so pretty!! It gives that awesome JLo glow that we know you’ve always wanted

We’ve got five (count ’em, FIVE!!) brand-spanking new lip colors!

Two rehydrating lip glazes: Sheer Flamingo and Sheer Tulip, and three moisturizing lipsticks: Coral Sands, Pinkstone, and Pink Zinnia. All of these lip colors have a minty scent and are super moisturizing!

Hurry in, these are limited edition shades, and they sell out fast! We can NOT wait for Spring and this makeup is helping to usher it in! If you’re in the neighborhood, come stop by and try on some of this gorgeousness for yourself!