Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, oh my gosh… everywhere! Why or why do they make it look so easy?

My dream had always been to own a salon. There was a darling green house that was located right off the main drag in East Grand Rapids-The Coiffeteria Salon. I heard through one of my besties that the owners were looking to sell. This was so incredibly timely and had been a needed answer to prayer. At the time, my career with Aveda took me on the road and away from the 3 most important peeps in my life- my hubby and 2 kiddos.

I went into salon ownership, like “WHOHOO”…Wish that had worked the way I had expected. Change is hard for people, and I found that to be particularly true when it came to trying to manage the old, while creating the new. I had the business acumen and the street cred at Aveda, but when it came to my new team…not so much. I tried to implement the Aveda business model that I was so aligned with, but for someone who wants to be liked, it wasn’t fun or easy. For anyone-coiffteam included.

Over the years, I began to realize that my own insecurities led to my wishy washy-ness. I had been confident and secure in my role at Aveda and the direction I gave on behalf of them. This was all new to me! I made changes to the Coiff…some well received and others not as much.

11 years have passed, and now it’s time to reinvent again. This time, I am healthy-physically, mentally and spiritually, where as before I couldn’t say that. I had been trying to please everyone… which lead to not peasing anyone. I began to really ask myself- what is MY vision. What do I want the salon to look like, and feel like for my team and guests. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am colorful, loud, sparkly and a bit quirky. HOWEVER….I also am sophisticated, and chic, if I do say so myself ;-). I want the salon to have that same sass, with a huge helping of class!
I thought-how hard could this be? I know exactly what I what to do for the first time EVER! Every possible hiccup, setback and road block I assure you, I have encountered. There were times where I thought-SERIOUSLY? There has been rezoning challenges, grumpy neighbors, tons of delays- and this is the best one- NO ONE TO DO THE JOB! It was enough to drive any sane person CRAZY! Fortunately, I have the BEST team ever-they kept encouraging me to keep moving forward, no matter how slow the pace.

Listen, I use the analogy of running because its so fitting-this is a flipping marathon.Although I hate running, I do it- the feeling at the finish line trumps it ALL! Tonight I sit here, the night before it all begins-ready to share my journey with you.